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Diesel Repair

Diesel Repairs

We specialize in light duty Diesel Such as Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke and diesel engines are entirely different from gasoline engines, and advanced diesel technology requires training and specialized knowledge that stout auto performance has

Diesel Performance

Flex Auto Center specializes in Ford, Dodge, GMC, and Chevy performance upgrades including original equipment replacements, suspension systems, lighting, aftermarket parts, and much more. Schedule your appointment to make your truck into the machine it should have been from the start.

Automotive Repair


Auto Maintenance Services

We review the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule with you. This way we ensure all the recommended maintenance services are covered which will help you to keep your vehicle running trouble-free for as long as you own your car.


Brake Repair Pads & Rotors

Nothing really more common than a brake repair in the automotive business and there is certainly no shortage of shops willing to help you. Right? However, the quality of service and parts varies widely.We only use original equipment quality parts so you can rest assured you're getting a great job that will last and you can depend on.


Alignment, Shocks, And Struts

The suspension system consists of shocks and struts. Their main purpose is to keep your vehicle’s tires firmly connected to the road. When shocks and struts get worn your car looses that firm connection to the road and its stopping ability is diminished. We make sure all your Steering and Suspension components are working the way they were designed to ensuring you are driving a safe vehicle.

Tire Services

The tires on your car are very important for the function of the vehicle. You can have a well functioning engine and transmission system, but without tires, you are not going anywhere or stopping safely. Because of the importance that tires have for the use of the vehicle, it is important that they are properly maintained and cared for. Flex Auto Center provides our customers with high quality tire replacement and service in Washington and St. George, UT.


System Diagnosis & Repair

We utilize some of the current and best equipment for reading and understanding Check Engine Lights. Current technology is continuously changing, and you need up to date equipment to detect if there is an issue with your vehicle. A full diagnostic is recommended prior to initiating repairs, since a single symptom can point to MANY potential areas of solving the problem. The due diligence of a diagnostic sysytem analysis ensures that you are making informed decisions.


Air Conditioning Services

Southern Utah heat can wreak havoc on your vehicle and components. It is almost unbearable with no or low performing A/C, with temps in summer months reaching the triple digits. And we cannot have that! If your A/C is not meeting your needs, bring it in for a free A/C analysis check or a full AC diagnostic. Lets get you down the road in comfort!

Performance and Aftermarket Parts

Are you looking to put a cold air intake in your new car or truck to give it some extra go? Maybe you have a purpose built show car and you want a supercharger system, or a Lift Kit you want installed correctly and with exquisite detail. From air and fuel delivery, to the exhaust, no matter what the job is, Flex Auto Center is the right choice for all of you vehicle’s performance modification needs.

We Service All Major Brands

We’ve been repairing & servicing vehicles with a combined 100+ years of experience. Automotive repair is an industry where experience is a must to be able to diagnose any vehicle correctly and accurately. With our diverse automotive knowledge & experience, we can repair any vehicle that comes through to our garage. We keep up to date and utilize the newest, state of the art equipment, which allows us to work with precision and accuracy.

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