What To Do When You Have a Checking Engine Light

When You Have A Check Engine Light On

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Flex Auto Center will check your check engine light, rather than going to your local Auto Zone or O’Reilly Part Store, Come to us Why ? First off, We are ASE Certified, and Second we use one of the most advance technology tools to scan your vehicle to provide repair recommendations and breaking them down into the ones that are vital problems, Or that are merely inconveniences that can be left for another time if needed. This ability, and coupled with our no pressure service is why stout auto performance is St. George Utah is the most recommended mechanic.
Here are some symptoms to look for when your Check Engine Light is on:


• Oxygen Sensor: This might mean your oxygen sensor needs replacing. Your oxygen sensor monitors unburned oxygen from the exhaust and with use it get’s covered in oil causing it to lose its strength to mix oxygen and fuel up.

• Loose or Broken gas cap: Your gas cap might be broken or loose, causing it to leak fuel vapors. Leaking fuel vapors throws off the fuel system. If your vehicle does not feel weird, check to see if your gas cap is loose or broken in some way.

• Spark Plugs and Wires: Sounds: The spark plugs fail overtime, causing you to feel a bump in your vehicles acceleration. The spark plugs provide sparks to jump and start a combustion in your engine. You should be changing your spark plugs after a certain amount of miles.


If you have any questions on your check engine light don’t hesitate to give us a call 435-218-7272


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