When Do You Have Bad or Failing Brake Pads

How do you know when you have bad or failing brake pads?

First, Keeping your vehicle running is important, but even more important is are brake pads which makes sure your vehicle comes to a stop when needed. The maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s brakes are the utmost importance, for you and the rest of the drivers on the road. At Stout Auto Performance we have been serving all of St. George and Southern Utah area with the best in brake service. If you detect any of the following symptoms, you need to bring your vehicle in for brake service right away:

• Hearing an abnormal sound: Hearing weird or abnormal sounds coming from the wheels when applying the brakes may be a potential problem.

• Vibrations from the brakes: Unreasonable worn rotors vibrate infrequently and cause vibrations felt in the pedal.

• Break Fluid Leaks: Leaks from the caliper might be accommodation to the pressure sealing range of the brakes. It might not just make a mess of leakage, but also take away from its ability to stop the vehicle.

It may be that you simply need a brake fluid line replaced, or it could be something as complex as an entire system replacement. Either way, our ASE-Certified Master Technicians will use their years of education and experience to make repairs that are right the first time around. We know you don’t want to be bringing your Vehicle in every few days for “follow ups,” so we make sure it is done up to factory standards on your visit.

 If you have questions weather or not your brake pads are or failing.

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